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CX5-RIGHT Super automatic tire changer for car
CX5-RIGHT is a super automatic tire changer partic...
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CX5-512A Highly-accurate wheel balancer
Magnetic drive, 512 angular positions, smart posit...
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CX5-II Auto collision repair system frame machine
Durable frame repair machine. Long life about 18...
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Infrared baking lamps CX5-6F
Input Voltage: 110V/220V, 50hz/60hz
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TLT240SB Economical Floor Plate Two Post Lift
Rated load: 4000kg Lifting height: 1850mm Overal...
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TLT440W Wheel Alignment 4 Post Lift
Rated load: 4000kg Lifting height:1900mm With Se...
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How to maintain the vacuum cleaner?
Information about maintenance.
What are the car beauty service projects?
The automobile beauty inclusion project is divided into body care, interior beauty, and lacquer beauty according to the service area of ​​car beauty.
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