Fully automatic A/C machine

Main Functions

Refill :Add fresh refrigerant R134a into the storage cylinder inside the machine.
Recovery: To recover refrigerant R134a from the car A/C system, and store it in the machine after purification.
Vacuum: To get rid of the air in the A/C system 
Charge:To charge refrigerant (gas) into the automotive A/C system accurately.
       Automatic: Recovery + vacuum + charge  
Maintenance: include all the necessary maintenance

Technical Parameter   

Power Supply: AC 220V, 50~60HZ
Working Temperature:-10-50℃
Scale Accuracy: +/- 10g
Recovery speed: 300g/min.
Vacuum Pump: 5 Pa
Cylinder capacity: 10Kg 
Charge Speed: 800g/min.
Net Weight: 82KG
Machine Size: 73cm*65cm*124cm (L*W*H)
Carton Size: 76*70*140CM (L*W*H)

Back view

Side view

Control Panel