Single post car lift K-102X

General maintenance work and vehicle cleaning

The machine is used for general maintenance work and vehicle cleaning K-102X

Load Capacity: 3500kg
Maxi Mum Rise: 1805mm
Mini Mum Rise: 110mm
Reach Adaptor Mini Mum:    500mm
Reach Adaptor Maxi Mum:    900mm
Air Operate: 5-8bar
Plunger Diameter: 270mm
Recommended Space: 3000×6250mm

Arm size

                      H-type arm                                                  X-type arm

Single post lift foundation

1. Dig square pit of deep 2520mm*L1200mm*W800mm.
2. Dig slot of deep 300mm*W100mm, used to connect the pipe to air compressor
3. Do not need to do foundation water-proofing.
4. Surface hardened layer 300mm,the fixed ring must be in hardened layer.

Be packed in wooden and plastic film.