C9370 Multi-speed Disc Brake Lathe Machine/Truck Brake Lathe

Item No.: 009
For big truck or bus.
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Brake Lathe Machine is a valuable piece of machinery to have in your workshop that can cure noise and vibration problems, often prolonging the life of braking systems. 
Brake Lathe, comes with all the tools to get your Drums and Disc turned.
Spindle Travel: 9.875” (251mm)
Rotor diameter: 7”-18” (180mm-457mm)
Drum diameter: 6”-28” (152mm-711mm)
Motor: 220V/380V,50/60Hz
Spindle speed: 70,88,118 rpm
Spindle Feed Speed: Min 0.002 Inch Per Revolution/0.05mm/Rev
Max 0.02 Inch Per Revolution/0.5mm/Rev
Cross Feed Speed: Min 0.002 Inch Per Revolution/0.05mm/Rev
                  Max 0.01 Inch Per Revolution/0.25mm/Rev
Handwheel Graduations: 0.002”/(0.05mm)
Rotor thickness: 4” (102mm)
Drum depth: 9.875” (251mm)
Packing size: 1200mm*920mm*1140mm=1.26m³
Weight: 430kg
Transport Package: Plywood

1. Quickly, accurately and efficiently to cutting rotor. 
2. Quickly, accurately and efficiently to cutting drum. 
3. Fast and slow setting allow cutting rotor. 
4. Finitely adjustably setting allow cutting drum.
5. Three kinds of speed to choice for spindle speed.
6. Position of stop make the lathe stop automatic after the cutting.
7. A convenient design allows to quickly change from rotor to drum, with cross feed extension plate will be increase the maximum rotor diameter to 22”/588mm.
8. Fully equipped adapter package.


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Warranty: 12 months

Lead time: One week


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