CX5-240 Fully automatic A/C machine with data base and printer

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The equipment is for service shop to maintain the fault of vehicle air conditioning systems, such as R134a refrigerant recovery, refrigeration oil filling, vacuum and other operations.

Recovery, vacuum, charge, recycle & purity.
Leakage hunting.
Fully automatically operation.
Larger LCD display.
Service database.
Customer service report printing.
Drain & charge compressor oil automatically.
Nitrogen flushing adapter.
Non condensable gas purge automatically.
With fan & condenser.

Input power: 800W
Recovery ability: 400g/min
Charge ability: 1000g/min
Vacuum ability: 10.8m/h³
Cylinder capacity: 15kg
Net weight: 115kg
Dimension: 860*710*1470mm





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Warranty: 12 months

Lead time: One week
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