Infrared baking lamps CX5-6F

Item No.: 177
Input Voltage: 110V/220V, 50hz/60hz

Short wave infrared, the wavelength has a very strong penetration. Directly into the paint, the basic temperature of the paint layer produces a rapidly increasing heat, and the water evaporated rapidly from inside to outside. When the chemical vibration frequency of the coating is the same, the possibility of cross-linking polymerization is increased to accelerate the curing of the paint. Therefore, the gloss of the paint is high, the mirror is clearer and the adhesion is strong. It is not easy to produce "orange peel tears" phenomenon, avoid rework and improve efficiency!


●The design of convection heat dissipation greatly improves the effect of heat dissipation
●Knob combination power switch independent control group switch
●Lacquer tube diameter 12mm rapidly rising temperature and heat inertia
●Infrared radiation intensity high infrared wavelength stabilization
●The heat response time is easy to control the temperature

Independent lamp control
Mechanical timing control
Non polar power regulation


Input Voltage: 110V/220V, 50hz/60hz
Rated Power: 6kw
Panel height adjustment: 400-2500mm
Preheating time: 1-5mins
Drying time: 1-15mins
Working current: 5-30A
Baking area: 800*2000mm
Packing size
Braket: 1540*170*650mm
Lamp: 730*460*780mm
Weight: 65kg

Mask (Seiko lampshade adopts high purity material, good heat dissipation effect, large area uniform drying coating).
Lamp body (lamp diameter 12mm, interface is not shedding safe and stable)
The heat sink (die casting aluminum radiator) adopts air convection principle, which perfectly solves the problem of heat dissipation and enhances the life of light source.
Thick support (reinforced bracket attached to chassis, special lamp body, fixed safety lock, strong bearing capacity)
The angle of the disc can be adjusted longitudinally and laterally, and the wide chassis can be applied to the low chassis vehicle, traversing the tire crosswise.
Adjustable time setting of an automatic device with an electronic timer


Warranty: 12 months

Lead time: One week

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Infrared baking lamps CX5-6F
Input Voltage: 110V/220V, 50hz/60hz
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