All about the Water-Saving steam car washer

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Update time : 2019-01-12 18:26:36
Water-Saving steam car washer utilizes a "double mixing procedure" technology". In the first step, water and compressed air are combined. Then, this mixture is in turn mixed a second time with steam. Thus the resulting combination generates "explosive energy" so with lesss water, the car washer generates a great impact force, achieving the purpose of saving water. 

1. Water Saving and harmless to car paint:
    Water-saving steam car washer merely use 1.5-2.5L/min water for each wash, saving up to     90% water compared to traditional car washing processes! Although it's washing processes is the same traditional.
But the revolutionary change is: the car washer provide 60% outflow of water, it's easy to remove the dirt and the road grime,eliminating the need for soap or chemical agents for cleaning as traditional way which is harmful to the car paint. Making the washed car clean and glossy. 
2. Stem cleaning mode
The car wsher can be also set in steam cleaning mode. The steam temperature can reaches as high as 150? 10 meters long steam pipe, 1.5 spray eyes, 86 degrees of spray eye area, 10 cm away from the spray eye, the temperature is about 60 ℃ or 70  ℃, the steam temperature in the pipe is different from the temperature of the spray.  Low temperature steam of no more than 100 degrees will not cause any damage to the paint. While the pressure can reaches 5.9 bar. Thus it is effective for cleaning and disinfection: egine, mats and any other stained areas indoor. 

Heating method:
The steam washing machine belongs to the form of boiler heating. There is a heating pot inside the machine, which generates steam after heating the water. The direct heating type is more prone to scale than the boiler type, and the scale is difficult to remove after the formation of the scale, because the pipeline is too small. The only solution is to replace the whole set. Boiler type, only need to clear the scale once a month or two, and the scale can only be used with less oxalic acid powder. The cost is 0.3USD. 
About the pressure, the electric boiler type is set according to the design needs, and the pressure limit for each type of product is limited. This is also related to the boiler safety factor, so the safety of the product is also unquestionable. Our product pressure setting is up to 6-8bar, this pressure is enough to meet the needs of car wash. Boiler pressure and temperature are proportional to the growth, enough temperature has a strong ability to remove dirt and grease. 
If the temperature is not enough, it is difficult to meet the need of decontamination and decontamination.
Cold water can be used without heating.

Ten advantages of steam car wash:
1. Save water (98%) and protect the environment.
2. To the parking space service, customer satisfaction is high.
3. Steam thermal degradation, the decontamination effect is remarkable.
Steam car wash effect display
Steam car wash effect display (6 photos)
4. The body and engine are deeply decontaminated, clean and thorough.
5. Indoor steam sauna sterilization and detoxification.
6. Soft steam will not damage the body.
7. Car air conditioning port deodorant power is endless.
8. Low water content, no damage to the circuit, and efficient internal cleaning.
9. The steam effectively decomposes the oil and the engine dirt is swept away.
10. The steam evaporates quickly, no residue, no water corrosion.